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How do you get a population to get vaccinated?

VOLUME18 worked with the Chief Public Health Office to develop an emotional campaign that encouraged and promoted getting COVID-19 vaccines. This campaign had three stages that focused on encouraging people before vaccines were secured, during when people were asked to get vaccinated and after to encourage anyone hesitant to get vaccinated.

Our Approach

The first phase of the campaign centred around influential people stating that they would get vaccinated when it was their turn. The “I’ll do it for” messaging featured reasons for getting vaccinated when your time came. This initial stage included social media ads, print ads and video production.

As more vaccines became available, we quickly moved to phase two which changed the messaging from “I’ll do it for” to “I did it for” featuring Islanders from across our province who had received their vaccine. This included health care workers, long-term care workers, truck drivers, frontline workers, and seniors. This stage saw the addition of bus shelter advertisements, digital screen advertisements, video production, on-site signage and the design of a vaccine sticker that was handed out at province-run vaccination clinics. As more groups recieved their vaccine, new individuals were featured in the creative.

As we headed into the Summer, we transitioned to the third phase of the campaign which changed the messaging to “Do it for”. This direction was aimed at speaking to those target populations who were still hesitant to get vaccinated. Messaging in the ads reminded Islanders of all the things COVID had made us give up including travel, celebrations, sports, concerts, and family reunions. This phase saw the production of third video centring around getting vaccinated so we could return to the things we missed so much. Cultural leaders were also engaged and included in digital creative that was provided to them to send out to their communities.


Campaign Concept & Development, Campaign Management, Creative Direction, Video Management, Photo Management

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