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As a strategic communications firm based in Atlantic Canada, we’re all about ideas and solutions. We are a mixture of creative and strategic minds who are always up for a new challenge. Bringing a project from concept to the finish line is our jam. We love getting down in the details and becoming part of your team. And you can bet, we’re always motivated to tell stories in the most impactful way. 

We work to develop impactful campaigns, provide strategic direction and facilitate meaningful conversations.

Our focus is on developing the most strategic methods to get our clients results that will be impactful and set them up for success-- all while enjoying the process along the way.

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Campaign Development

Brand and Marketing Strategy
Campaign Design
Photo & Video Management


Policy Research and Development
Strategic Planning
Public Relations & Crisis Management


Public Engagement

“Dialing into the why is the most crucial activity you can do for challenge to your business or organization.”

- Christina MacLeod- Chief Taskmaster


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