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No two days are the same and we like it like that. 

Looking to collaborate with us? 

We are all driven to think about things differently, to work collectively and to have some fun. 

Since we opened, if a project needs more minds, VOLUME18 pulls in the best in the business. Our industry is filled with amazingly talented graphic designers, photographers, and videographers so we can select the perfect partner to fit your brand, vision and project. 

How do we work together? Our team develops the concept and art direction and we work with our partners as project managers to deliver the best results. 


Our community, a good book, runs or really long beach walks.

We can give you that different perspective, as we are a mixture of creative and strategic minds. We seamlessly become part of your team and are always motivated to have your story told in an impactful way. 

co- founder


Co-Founder & Chief Movement Officer

A mover and shaker by nature and an avid runner by choice, Heather understands the importance of truly knowing our clientele. She ensures our team is ready to run with ideas and cross the finish line with our creative campaigns, research and workshops. See what we did there?

Conversation Starters: Community, Running, Business

co- founder


Co-Founder & Chief Taskmaster

Obsessed (in a good way) with the plot-line and ending, Christina is our primary long-term strategist and even-keel in a world that is anything but. In addition, Christina is our community integration and connection manager, which, yes, goes against her introversion, but she loathes not knowing everyone or hearing about their projects. 

Conversation Starters: Politics, Social Change, Baking 

design & operations


VP of Design & Operations

It’s all in the details, and that’s where Vanessa lives and thrives. She’s the eye that makes sure everything is just so and will make you stop and take notice. She’s versed in travel and hospitality- a deadly combo in Atlantic Canada, so don’t be fooled by her sweet looks. 

Conversation Starters: Pop Culture, Airbnb, Personal Development

 team coordinator

McKendra Deveau

Detailed Obsessed Team Coordinator

McKendra is the newest member of the VOLUME18 team. With a strong background in writing, social media, and tourism, McKendra’s skillset and cheery personality adds flair and precision to our projects and team, making sure every detail is just right for all VOLUME18 work. She’s committed to being your biggest cheerleader and rises to the challenge at hand, whatever that may be.

Conversation Starters: Music, Pop Culture, Social Media Marketing, and the best PEI views. 


You should know what we Value

01 Honesty
02 Loyalty
03 Family & Health

Being honest ensures that the lines of communication are open so we can get the best results. We’ll be honest with you, so let us know if we have something in our teeth, okay?

We will cheer you on, share ideas for you and your business, and respect your time and input every step of the way.

Our families and our health are our why. Living healthily surrounded by our friends and families makes us better in all facets, so if you’re into walking meetings, grab your sneakers! 

04 Community
05 Respect
06 Inclusion

Involvement in our community is essential to VOLUME18. The sense of community is why we live on Prince Edward Island. It fills us up with good feelings.

VOLUME18 works with clients to make sure the advertising and communications we produce are effective. We have a responsibility to make sure our work reflects and includes all communities. We know we can do better, and we are committed to doing better. 

Life’s short, so we want to make sure everyone enjoys their time and has some fun with it. That’s why we will work to reduce the stress on you and us by giving clear project timelines -- no one likes to get an ASAP in their mailbox.

All about

Movement, a good book, local music, travel and
beach days.


Hustle culture, artificial people, comparison, band-aid fixes, or boring anything.

agree? we're probably a great fit.

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Getting the best results for you

Let us help tell your story and who knows where it will lead. We are always in the mood for a chat, walking meeting or coffee. So hit us up on whatever platform you love the most. 


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