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How we helped Summerside develop a fresh brand that spoke to entice more visitors.

VOLUME18 worked with Explore Summerside to develop a refreshed brand to highlight all the pleasurable and invigorating activities you can do in The City by the Sea. VOLUME18 built an interactive and adaptable website to allow visitors to easily access where to eat, what to explore, and where to shop before they come and during their stay. In addition, VOLUME18 developed a comprehensive three-year marketing plan and the communication plan.

Our Approach

VOLUME18 loves working with creative people and enjoyed partnering with the leadership at Explore Summerside to take their concept of The City by the Sea to life. We created a calm, fresh colour brand that will be timeless and ensure that all visitors are excited to take in some time by the ocean with all the amenities of a larger city. In addition, the website was designed to allow visitors to use an interactive planner and events calendar to entice visitors all year-round. VOLUME18 developed a summer video that brings the viewer along on a day in the City by the Sea.


Concept Development, Communications Plan, Marketing Plan, Website Project Management, Creative Direction, Photo Direction, Video Direction.

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